Your Greenbacks vs Their Disposition

You should be aware and you should relish the concept! For only those with dignity knows that reaction on this problem is something that is long overdue. Because for many decades the widespread of systematic bad business proliferated our neighborhood. It is a practice by other people that too many African-Americans perceive as good business and acceptable..

Consequently, even when we as a people venture to other neighborhoods to shop too often the treatment for the dignified and the undignified customers are inadequate.
With the understanding that no one has the right to destructively approach an establishment, or to criminally exit an establishment, or otherwise behave in a disorderly manner in or about an establishment; but, as one that is willing to conduct business in an intelligent and civilized manner you should think!

1. How often did you shop at a store where the items did not have price tags?

a. Did you ever think why this is so?

2. How often were you told the price tag on an item was not the true price and higher price was given for that item?

a. What did you do?

3. How often did you see bad or
outdated merchandise on the store shelves in your neighborhood?

a. Did you wonder why this is so?

4. How often did you shop at a store where you pay top dollar or where there is price gouging and your purchases were thrown into a translucent plastic handbag?

5. Have you noticed that stores in other neighborhoods provide paper bags inside the translucent
plastic handbags for their shoppers?

6. How many African Americans realize that they are the boss on the other side of the counter; thus, the customer is always right?

7. How many African American know to respectfully exit an establishment when their dollars are not welcome??

8. How many know that only dignified educated shoppers will
eradicate these and all other bad business practices in our neighborhood by not patronizing the guilty?

Imam W. H. Muhammad

With the permission of the author we are able to converse concerning the many issues his work presents.

Regardless of your geographic location, your race, your ethnicity or your gender, this is about the greenback and how you are
willing to spend it.
So, participate!
If you are a consumer I would like to hear from you.

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