Retrospect, Commemorate, Reflect

On Saturday March 7, 2015, President Barak Obama stood on the Edmund Pettus bridge, in Selma Alabama, and gave a celebration speech on the fifty year old event that should have ended all voting rights problems in the United States of America.

The apathetic actions and reactions of the USA government to respond to the needs of its people were televised for all to witness.  Enjoy! (use this link to view President Obama’s speech in Selma, on Youtube.)

Now, ask yourselves;

1. Should not every non African-American welcome his and her countryman to the polls as the American military forces fight abroad for the democracy of other nations and their rights to vote?

2. Should not every African-American be a registered voter in his and her own state?

3. Since Bloody Sunday should we continue to march on?

4. Or, should we take a dignified stand on human rights and civil rights?

5. Where do we go from here?

6. Should not we reject and abhor the casual utilization of the N-Word and any other derogatory racial terms which are historically attributed to ourselves?

7. With the exception of historical and educational purposes, is not it foolish to think that civilized people will tolerate others nonchalantly utilizing derogatory racial terms attributed to themselves?

Ms. Queen,  Ms. Shae Doyenne,  Brown Sugar, Tonka toy,  Evans Bace and all my visitors, I want each of you to respectfully participate by answering at least one of my questions. Your comments are welcome too and they will be immediately posted!

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