Was Daddy Home?

Allah willing some time in the future we would be dealing with the issues of single mothers, siblings and the family as a whole. For now, let us deal with the profiles of fathers.

Since 1960 the reports on the decrease and the increase of fathers living with or apart from their offsprings has various nuances from the religious to the non religious, from the uneducated to the educated, from race and ethnic to the interracial and the multi-ethnic, from love is it to what love have to do with it, from material issues to monetary issues.
Perchance you have heard or read various Pew
Research Center analysis of Decennial Census and American Community Survey data on this topic throughout the decades; nevertheless, your 18 years or more experience is something you would like to share.
Talk to me!

1. What initially brought about this decrement of fathers being in their homes with their offsprings?

2. Were you and your family able to maintained the traditional family structure?

3. How did you and your famiy contributed to this increment or to the decrement of fathers living alone?

4. Did you and your biological father always lived in the same household?

5. Do you know your biological father?

6. If so, do you love, respect and honor your paternal parent as you love, respect and honor your maternal parent?

7. Who do you call dad?

8. Do you and your father have visitation?

9. Are you a father of offsprings from different mothers?

10. Are you planning to become a dad/father?

Here is a bonus question!

11. Do you and your offsprings know and honor your respective paternal and maternal biological grandfathers?

You in the pews, you seated on the floors, you standing in the congregation, you in the pulpit, my countrymen and our neighbors from neighboring countries around the globe respecfully participate by answering at least one question and/or leaving your comments.

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