Conversing With Dad (CWD) originated as an idea for a family blog. A means to eradicate the abyss between the paternal parent and his adult offsprings. Which during its development conjured the disposition of the family members. These resurrection of the various  attitudes   among the siblings manifessed the necessity of this website. For it was a vicissitude of the family that reduced the dual  authorship of father and daughter to a single founder.

Dad, once again alone, is reminded of the situation of too many fathers. He realizes that his problems are not exclusively his; however, they are realities that exist in many families of various races and ethnicities. This broadened his idea of parenting by providing an outlet for every mature child of Adam who placed an emphasis on the need to discuss a subject concerning family life from the religious world, to the political world, to every lifestyle of the layman around the globe. 

Although I am not your dad; nevertheless, I am that vigilant villager, that good neighbor, that loving family member that will always welcome you to my domain.

I invite you to respectfully participate  by answering my questions and leaving  your comments on the topic.

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